My Top 3 Tips For Stress-Free Moving

Weddings, babies, new jobs, better schools…there are so many reasons why people move.  While those are all exciting life changes, moving itself can be the best of times and the worst of times.  It’s amazing how much stuff you find out you have when you have to pack it all up and move it across town or across the country.  I always enjoyed starting fresh in a new house or apartment – it’s a new beginning with new possibilities.  However, the process that it takes to get to the new house can be extremely overwhelming.  As I’ve gotten older (and actually have furniture now), I have realized that I never want to move again.  If I do, it will be to downsize into my retirement home and that will be the last move for me!  But, in any case, utilizing these 3 tips can help you have a less stressful moving experience.

I have learned a few things along the way (approx 20 moves in my life) to help you with the entire moving process.  These tips will help you maintain a plan and your sanity to ensure a successful relocation.

1 // Pre-move:  Do a purge

Moving can be great motivation to purge any and all things that are not bringing you joy – (shout-out to all my Marie Kondo fans).  Seriously, we all have way too much stuff.  My kids have way too many toys – most of which I have NOT bought them.  They find their way to the pile masquerading as gifts from friends and family members, or from those who are doing their own purge.  Sure, it’s sweet of them to think of you when they’re getting rid of their own junk, but people often feel obligated to accept “gifts”.  I am here to tell you it is perfectly OK to not accept these “gifts”.  Your closets and your sanity will thank you in the end.

The purge can be the best feeling in the world.  If a room is becoming too overbearing for me, I try to do a reassessment of it and what is actually needed.  I did a pantry makeover last year with the help of a professional organizer (see article here).   I loved that she worked beside me – talking through the room, my vision for it, uses, and going through what we actually needed in this space versus what would be better used somewhere else.  My biggest aha was learning to place things where they are actually used – for example, why was my sink cleaning solution in the pantry instead of under the sink it is used on?  Why were the camping lanterns and kindling not in the garage by the other camping items?  This might seem like common sense to everyone – but I think my pantry had just become this huge catchall for any and everything that could fit.  It is now a labeled, organized, masterpiece.

In the end, the purge will save you.  If you haven’t used an item in a year (maybe less), and it’s not some kind of keepsake, then toss it.  Get some boxes together, call the Vietnam Vets for their free pickup service, and donate it to someone who can actually use it (beside those dust bunnies in your closet).

2 // Move Prep:  Save boxes and use suitcases

Let’s give a shout-out to Amazon for giving us all those free boxes.  While they’re annoying and a waste normally, they are perfect for moving.  A friend of mine is moving and I’ve been saving all my boxes and giving them to her.  It’s free and helps save the planet.  They also make great “starter” material for your firepit.

If you don’t have millions of Amazon packages like I do, you can use suitcases to pack.  We literally have tons of suitcases and they make great carriers for softer items like clothes, toys, etc.  Another tip is if you have clothes in drawers, leave them in the drawers and wrap the drawer with plastic wrap – this will help you when you get to the new place and can just slide the drawers in.

3 //  Moving day:  Hire a professional moving company

While I have never actually hired a moving company, I have heard from plenty of friends that it is a worthwhile and actually cost-saving approach.  Wait, did you say SAVE money?  Sure, grabbing a bunch of friends, luring them with beer and pizza can be a fun approach – but while it may be the cheaper route, not prepping your belongings and transporting them the correct way can actually end up costing more.  Take your beautiful dining room buffet for example – if its not wrapped correctly or placed on the moving truck in the right spot so it doesn’t shift during the drive, it might end up with a broken door or leg.  You can avoid these disastrous and costly mistakes by hiring some pros.

Here’s another example…we got a piano from a friend.  I have always wanted a piano in my house.  Moving the piano took 4 grown men to lift it onto the truck.  When they got to our house, there were only 3 men and they had a heck of a time moving it off the truck and into the house.  During the process, the leg became loose and to this day falls off.  I would love to move the piano upstairs to another room but for this I will hire a professional!

If you are in or moving to/from the Las Vegas area, you have to contact these moving pros – Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas!  These guys know what they’re doing and will make the process as flawless as possible for you.  You will move in with peace of mind knowing your furniture and belongings are safe.  They are also pros in long distance moves – I wish I would have known about them when I moved back to Pittsburgh.  Instead of selling or giving all my furniture away, I could have affordably taken it with the help of the Las Vegas long distance movers.   Their process is amazing – I have never seen movers take such time and care of people’s belongings before!

Hope all of these tips have been helpful!  I’d love to hear any tips you may have to make moving easier.




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