4 Reasons why at-home teeth whitening is better than professional…and GIVEAWAY!!

There’s something about the springtime that makes me want to refresh and renew in all aspects of my life.  Time to shake off winter, bust out some cute sandals and wear all the bright colors!  Self care is a priority for me as a busy mom.  I always tell people it’s like what they say when you are on the airplane, “Put on your mask first, before assisting others.”  If you forget to put on your mask (or in this case, take care of yourself first), you won’t be able to help others.  I want to make sure to take care of myself so I can be there as much as possible for my family and feel good doing it.  A little self-care goes along way is so true – it doesn’t take much time to take care of yourself but the benefits are endless.  Balance is the key to everything in life, am I right?

One of the things I have been wanting to do for myself was to whiten my teeth again.  I had previously gotten professional whitening at my dentist but the process was EXTREMELY painful, expensive and lasted only a couple of months.  I do like to use straws as much as possible to prevent stains especially white whitening!  Did you know your teeth have PORES??  This was a revelation to me.  When you are whitening, the pores stay open for 48 hours afterwards – so it’s important to be extra careful during that time with any whitening system.  However careful I was, the professional whitening still didn’t last.  So, when I found out about this easy at-home teeth whitening kit through Smile Brilliant that I could squeeze into my busy mom schedule, it was a no-brainer!  Be sure to read to the end for the GIVEAWAY INFO!!

Why you should try Smile Brilliant

Here are my reasons why you should ditch professional tooth whitening and choose Smile Brilliant’s at-home teeth whitening:

  1.  Professional whitening is expensive!!
    • If I’m going to spend money, I want results and they better last.  Most in-office whitening costs upwards of $500.  I believe I spent around $300 and that was a huge expense for me – I have a family and don’t usually spend that kind of money on myself.
    • Smile Brilliant makes affordable easy-to use kits for everyone!  I loved all the great instructions that came with the kit which made it easy to follow.  If I had any questions, their customer service was fabulous and quickly answered.
  2.  The results of professional whitening did not last long.
    • When I got my teeth whitened, I tried to be careful – to drink coffee through a straw, steer clear of red wines, etc.  However, even though the results looked good at first, they only lasted about 3 months which was hugely disappointing for the cost.
    • If my teeth need a refresh, I already have the kit and can easily do it from the comfort of my own home.
  3.  Did I mentioned how EXTREMELY painful the in-office whitening was for me??!
    • I have given birth to 4 children – but nothing compares to the excruciating pain I experienced at the dentist office that day.  They start out by prepping and cleaning your teeth.  Then they put this “barrier” along the edge of your gums to prevent the whitening fluid from going up under your gums.  Well, after this “barrier” was put in place and the whitening fluid applied, the hygienist left the room with this stuff going up under my gums and burning me and no way to call for help.  I will tell you I will never EVER go through that again.
    • With Smile Brilliant’s at home kit, you get sensitivity packs to use in case you do have any sensitivity.  The only slight sensitivity I had was with my gums turning a little red.  However, this was easily cleared up with the use of a little vaseline on my gums during the application.
  4.  I do not have time to visit the dentist every couple of months to sit there for 2 hours and have this procedure done.
    • I have 4 kids and a hubby who own’s his own business.  We are BUSY and my time is precious to me.  I’d rather be spending it with my family than sitting at the dentist’s for hours.
    • This was the BEST part of Smile Brilliant’s easy at-home tooth whitening – I can do it anytime during the day that works out for me!!  I mostly chose to do it in the evenings after dinner where I could brush my teeth and sit and relax with my kids and hubby while watching one of our favorite shows.  So easy, and I loved the results!

Was it worth it?

That’s a resounding YES!!  I’ve tried it all before – the at-home blue light kits (don’t work), the crest white strips (worked for 5 minutes and stripped the enamel off my teeth).  The Smile Brilliant system is simply the best for me and my lifestyle and so affordable!!  Busy mommas, you don’t have to feel guilty by time or money and take care of yourself the way you want to!  Remember, Happy Mom, Happy Family 🙂

How does Smile Brilliant work?

The system is super easy and they are there to walk you through every step if you have questions!

  1.  Create your molds
    • They mail you a kit with instructions on how to make your molds.  I was a little intimidated at first, but with the simple easy instructions included I was able to make my molds on the first try flawlessly!  It’s as easy as rolling clay but you want to make sure you do this the correct way so you have a perfect fit.
  2.  Send in the molds and wait
    • You will receive the finished molds shortly and can begin whitening!
  3.  Get ready to whiten!
    • Pick a time of day you want to whiten.  Prepare your molds with a thin strip of the whitening gel.
  4. Relax and whiten for 15 minutes to 3 hrs a session
    • Its best to start out slowly and work your way up to make sure you don’t get overly sensitive. I started out with 25 minutes and worked up to about 1 hr comfortably.
  5.  Address sensitivity if it occurs
    • If you’re having gum sensitivity, you can use a little vaseline on the gums to prevent this.
    • For tooth sensitivity, use the desensitizing gel including (best to use before bedtime for max results and do not brush afterwards).

Check out my at-home results below!



white teeth smile


I hope this article helped you and you can be on the road to beautiful sparkling teeth in no time!  In fact, I’d like to GIVEAWAY a kit to one of my awesome followers! You can enter the GIVEAWAY at the following link:


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