My pantry make-over reveal and 5 reasons you should hire a professional organizer

With #quarantine and being stuck inside for the last couple months, I’ve had time to really look at all the spaces in my house and realize what works and what doesn’t.  I’ve been slowly trying to take a space at a time – even if it’s just a drawer or a cabinet – so I don’t get overwhelmed.  But, there were some pretty big projects on my list – and I knew it was time to call in an expert.  Enter Alex from Living Simply PGH to the rescue!

The first step was to send her some pictures of my pantry in its current state along with measurements.  She communicated back and forth with me to determine usage and help her to implement a plan prior to coming out – along with some affordable product suggestions from The Container Store.  This way, we could maximize our time together when she came to do the make-over.

On the day of the make-over, she arrived promptly and we got to work.  What I thought was a “not-so-bad” pantry, was really just my way of denying that it was a complete disaster.  After pulling everything out of the pantry, I ended up having 3 bags worth of donations, expired items, and garbage.  Yes, 3 bags full.  I ended up realizing just what we DIDN’T need in there, what needed to be moved to other areas of the house where it would actually be used/needed, and donating things we didn’t use or had duplicates of.  It felt like a weight being lifted off my shoulders!

After the purge, she worked to implement her vision while making sure it was the best use for our family.  I placed my trust in her completely and it couldn’t have turned out better!  She used the products that I purchased from her suggestions and it came together beautifully.  Along with labels to clearly show what goes where, there is now a place for everything in the pantry which is now a breeze to find things AND to do grocery shopping.  I just have to look and can see what needs purchased and what we have enough of.

I can’t stress enough how amazing this transformation was!  Check out the before and after pictures below.  Alex’s services are professional, affordable, and highly recommended.  She was so easy to work with and helpful.  If you’re in need of a make-over in any area of your home, call her.  If you are moving to a new space, and need help with a vision for that space – cal her!  If you are moving, and want help staging and de-cluttering your current home to help it sell, call her.  I would love to have her come back as a gift from my hubby (hint hint)!

5 Reasons you should hire a professional organizer:

1\\ If you’re moving into a new home or selling one – a professional organizer can help create a vision to maximize the usage and efficiency.  Also, de-cluttering a home has been shown to increase resell value – it’s much harder for potential home-buyers to envision a space as their own when there’s stuff everywhere.  This is why professional staging has been on the rise over the years.

2\\ If you’ve been living in your home for awhile and looking to de-clutter – this was us.  Our pantry just kept getting stuffed with more stuff.  Alex helped me to figure out best use and where other items should go (i.e. drain cleaner should be where it’s going to be actually used – under the sink, as well as moving sidewalk chalk and outside toys to the garage for easy access for my kids.)

3\\ Maybe you’re in denial and you need an extra set of eyes to help- I definitely was.  I didn’t think our home was that bad – but as you can clearly see in the pics below I have no clue what is actually happening in this space.  It had just become a catch-all for pretty much everything on our first floor.

4\\ Stress – reliever – seriously, if there’s an area of your home that is causing you stress, hiring a pro can help you tackle the job quickly and efficiently with no judgement.  Tackling big jobs like this can be so overwhelming and with my hubby’s hectic schedule, its hard to want to do this on a weekend when we can finally spend some quality time with the kids together.  Having our pantry organized now has helped me to easily shop for what we need and has improved my stress in the kitchen.

5\\  Best Practices – a pro has done this before, so I knew Alex would have tons of tips and tricks to share.  Also, she knew exactly what products to recommend for storage and organization which were affordable and made best use of the spaces.  Now, I’m on to tackle some smaller areas of my home with the tips I have learned from this makeover.



If you have any questions about her services or are in the Pittsburgh area and want to hire her, check out her web page here  or her instagram page here.  Have you ever used a home-organizer?



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