The Getaway House – more than just a tiny cabin and why you need to book it now

Why do you go on trips or take vacations?  For me, it is to get a break from the regular busyness of life with 4 kids, endless activities, owning a business, housework, chores…the list goes on.  Yes, those are all the sweet bits of life but when we do get away, it’s magical.  It’s when we weave the best memories together into the beautiful quilt of our lives.  I am a strong proponent of vacations – not only does it refresh your soul – but it brings you closer to those special people in your life.

My husband and I are busy people but I think its important to make time for each other.  Sure we spend TONS of time together, at home with the kids or at family events.  However, it’s also important to spend QUALITY TIME – alone time with your spouse or significant other or friends.  When you first start a relationship, it’s always rainbows and unicorns.  Then, the ebb and flow of daily life seems to erode that “magic”.   You forget what it was like to get butterflies in your stomach at a text from your significant other.  You forget what the days were like when you could just snuggle together all day in bed and watch old classic black and white movies.

This is why I was so excited to spend some QT with my BFF/hubby this weekend at the Getaway House at their newest “Pittsburgh” location in Beaver Creek.  Because, before all the kids, running to sports, cooking cleaning, there was just us.  Someday, my house will be clean but my kids will be gone on their own adventures and I will hope that we can still enjoy life together in the same ways.

Our trip to the Getaway House did just that – it managed to evoke the magic days of old.  Prior to the trip, the Getaway team messaged me to ensure we had all the info and tips/tricks for our weekend.  It was so nice for me to just be able to get away without tons of planning & packing and know I had a “concierge” if I had any questions.  We literally woke up, packed a bag with a toothbrush and some clothes, and hopped in the car for an adventure. The Getaway House has all you NEED and nothing more.

This was our first solo “camping” trip without our kids.  The Getaway House provides the essentials and encourages you to get bored – go “Forest Bathing”, hiking, make some s’mores on the fire and just relax.   So what did we do in all the quietness?  We hiked, ate, and explored the area despite the continuous downpour outside (who can complain when you’re in the most beautiful setting surrounded by nature?).

A lot of the time we snuggled in bed by the large window which was our private viewing room to the gorgeous fall scenery.  We have come to love cooking over the fire – and packed some nice filets, a fresh salad, red potatoes, and a bottle of Pinot Noir.  Firewood, cooking tools, oil & seasoning were already there as well as linens, and fresh towels.  Saturday night, we listened to songs on the neat little radio inside the cabin while learning to play Gin Rummy.  Basically, my hubby and I spent a lot of time CONNECTING (there’s also a cellphone lock box to make sure you can do just that!!).

When we left Sunday morning, we felt refreshed and renewed as a couple.  Staying at the cabin was an amazingly restorative and peaceful experience.  Why should you go?  If you love nature, peace and quiet, and being able to just PAUSE and connect with a bestie or significant other, you WILL love the Getaway House! If you need a break from your busy life, grab your toothbrush and some clothes and GO – this is definitely a trip you need to take.  It is good to slow down once in awhile and enjoy some quality time with these special people in your life.  It soothes the soul and brings you closer.  The Getaway House is more than just a tiny cabin – it’s an experience.

Take some time out for yourself and use my special code “FIGANDROSES25” to get $25 off your booking.



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