Stock up for summer: Amazon is the place for all your wardrobe essentials

Now that school’s out, I was thinking that I would have all the time in the world to tackle my to-do list, keep up with daily chores, entertain my kids, and relax.   Boy, was I wrong.  If you’re anything like me, summer seems almost busier.  Maybe its not busy with school and after school activities, but we have been keeping busy with swim lessons, summer camp, youth college classes, and going on our adventures that my to-do list seems to have fallen by the way-side.

I have to remember to stop and smell the roses – and just enjoy the time we have together while the kids are young and still want to hang out with me!  So, for now, my to-do list has been replaced by the summer bucket list (post to come soon)!  However, I’ve found a way to replace the annoying errand running with kids (hey, let’s face it – no parent wants to run errands with kids and no kid enjoys it either).  You can do so much now on Amazon – and that includes stocking up on your summer essentials without stepping foot in a store (or even with a glass of wine in your hand)!

Here are some of my picks for essentials.  Amazon is killing it with their own line of fashion including great every day wear.  Have you tried any of it yet?

    1.  Essential tanks – I am loving these tanks because of their slim fit and smooth fabric.  They come in a 2 pack, are TTS, and have tons of different color options.  Hey, almost 1000 positive reviews can’t be wrong, am i right? Coming in at under $17 for a 2 pack.
    2. Performance Mid-rise Capri Leggings – I like to go a little shorter on the leggings for summer especially for activities like biking and hiking. These capri length leggings are perfect – and also with great reviews.  You can even try these with the Prime Wardrobe feature and all for under $20 – it’s music to my ears!

3.  Studio hoodie – soft and lightweight.  Perfect for chilly summer mornings  on the go or nights.  $16


4.  French terry fleece shorts – come in assorted colors.  Comfy and cute and only $13.  Size down if in between.

5.  No-show socks – Where oh where have all my socks gone?  Is there black hole in the washing machine?  I swear – something or someone is eating all the socks in the house because are always managing to disappear.  Now I can stock up with no stress!

6. Easy linen shorts – these are great for summer – light in hot weather, comfortable, and the price is perfect!  Just $20!!

 7.  Cotton bikini stretch underwear – this is a great deal!  Get a 10 pack for $20.  With over 4000 positive reviews, they’ve got to be good!!


8.  Light support sports bras – these would be great for yoga, barre class or every day comfort in the summer!  Another great deal at $20 for the 2 pack!

Drop me a line and let me know if you have tried any of these items from #AmazonEssentials or what else you have tried from #AmazonFashion!!!  Don’t forget to check out the Amazon Essentials for Men and Kids too!



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