A week in review 9.9 – Family time

Hello friends!  I’ve decided to start doing a weekly review of my favorite items, sales and posts – along with a little about life and me.  Now that the kids are back to school we’re finally getting into a decent schedule.  I’m fortunate enough that my kids love school (they take after their mommy).  They have been doing so great getting themselves up in the morning, helping with lunches, doing homework and just pitching in in general.  I now have 4 kids in 3 different schools so we need to be as efficient as possible in the mornings!

With that being said, their amazing morning behaviors differ greatly from their afternoon behaviors.  By 4pm, I am literally trying to find a place to hide when they rush in the door.  They are crabby, hungry (don’t you eat lunch at school?) and in need of space.  Who else hides from their kids after school?  hahaha – or is it just me?  They usually calm down after a snack and are ready to do their homework – but seriously that first hour is rough!

We’ve been trying to make as much room as possible for family time over the past year.  One of our favorite activities on a weekend is movie night or game night (however, I’m too afraid to try game night again for at least another month after the screaming from the last time!).  So, movie night it is – I picture it in my head on Friday afternoon and this is how that goes…The children come home from school and I announce it is movie night – I even have popcorn!  We calmly agree on a movie to all watch together and everyone snuggles together on the couches.

In reality, it goes something like this…Kids come home from school – I announce movie night – one kid runs up to his room and locks himself in screaming and yelling that he hates movie night.  One kid runs out the door.  One kid hops on the couch happily and one might agree possibly but not agree on a movie.  We start the search for a family movie and usually 30 minutes later get tired of looking/disagreeing that we finally pick an old 80’s movie (this week we watched “Big”) and make all the kids meet us in the family room.  After a lot of grumbling and difficulty, I look over and see them all deeply engaged in the movie.  Afterwards, they tell us how much they liked it.  In the end, the pain and difficulty was worth it to be able to cuddle and all enjoy something together (why are my kids so difficult??).  I guess its good that they don’t want to be TOLD to like something, but have their own opinions – it makes life interesting!  🙂  What are you favorite activities for family night?

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Have a fabulous week!


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