Run out of supplies at home and can’t make it to the store? Target Restock can help!


So, I was doing a little online Target shopping the other day because I ran out of some household supplies and didn’t have my Target subscriptions up to date.  I couldn’t make it out to the store but figured with Targets’ shipping usually being so quick, the supplies would be here in 2 days and then I could finish my big spring cleaning.  I had a busy couple of days packing for an upcoming trip anyways so I told myself the cleaning could wait 😉

While surfing, I saw something called “Restock”.  I had not heard of this service and was intrigued.  Target Restock is a new service that lets you shop essential items, fill up a box, and delivers to you the next day!  Shipping is free as always with a REDCard, or just $2.99 for other payment options.  They even have handy lists already created for you for easy shopping such as “cleaning supplies”, “medicine cabinet”, “summer checklist”, and “bestsellers.”  You can even access this service through your google home assistant.  Simply say “Hey Google” and you’ll be on your way to ordering ease.

What did I get in my box?  Well, I started filling up my box with some cleaning supplies like toilet cleaner and bathroom spray and figured since we were taking a trip soon I’d add some drinks and snacks to the order.  This did push me over into two boxes due to size (it shows you the percentage that each item would fill the box and updates the box’s capacity as you add items). However, there is no charge for the boxes, unlike Amazon’s Prime Pantry.  Don’t forget the best part – free next day delivery!

The next day, I received two humongous boxes on my porch filled with water, gatorade, toilet paper, snacks, toothpaste, and more just in time to get everything together for my trip!  I would highly recommend this service as its free and quick and was very easy to use, and who doesn’t love seeing that box with the bulls-eye on it?

Check it out when you have a sec!

Happy shopping!


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