hello, World!

Any fellow computer programmer (or one who had to take beginning programming) could tell you, we are fondly familiar with that phrase.  It marks the beginning of a career (or hobby) in computer science…writing your first program that outputs the simple phrase “hello, World!”.  In learning a new language, computer languages included, it is often that learning the most simple of things is the most gratifying.  That little phrase changed my life and allowed me to venture into the world of computer science for many years.  It is a highly rewarding career path if you should choose to take it, and I often recommend it to females as there are not that many in the actual field of programming.  I like to remind my girls about the famous females like Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper who helped to lay the foundation for computer programming as we know it today.

However, life often throws surprises at you.  I found myself 12 years into my career wanting to take a sabbatical, despite being at the peak of my career and just getting a huge pay raise, to spend some time at home raising my children and exploring my hobbies such as writing.  It has been a very rewarding journey for me.  So, i feel that “hello, World!” is appropriate because it has been quite some time since I have written.  I am hoping to be more consistent as time goes on and to bring you some content that is fun and fresh and me.

Cheers to new(old) adventures!


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