Why you need to RENT a dress for your next big event

So, this summer my husband and I were blessed to celebrate with friends and family at four weddings.   While we were extremely excited to share in their special day, I had encountered a dilemma – what to wear?!  I didn’t think one dress would fit all four occasions – but I didn’t want to spend the money to purchase 4 new dresses.  I am a HUGE fan of online shopping, but, after fruitless hours of searching I just couldn’t find anything.  I stopped into one of my favorite local boutiques, One Brilliant.  I found a gorgeous orange/tomato red Black Halo dress.  However, being the sale loving online shopper that I am – I couldn’t justify the hefty price tag on just one dress….What do you do when you have four weddings to attend and can’t find a dress? Rent one!

So, I hopped online to check out Rent The Runway.  I had known about it for years but worried about what would happen if i got a dress that did not fit or I just don’t like it?  They are known for having thousands of designer dresses and top notch customer service.   After reading their policies, I found out they will send you a replacement the next day if you are not satisfied.  With my fears alleviated, I took a look around…

The hardest – but most fun – part was the looking.  It was HARD looking at thousands of dresses because I could not decide on what kind/style/color dress to wear.  I am very picky and everything was so beautiful 🙂  I eventually narrowed down my choices using the list tool they give you.  I made my decisions and even ordered a backup style just in case the first dress didn’t work out.  Rent The Runway lets you pickup one backup size/style for free.  After that, any additional styles you select are half price.

My dresses arrived on my doorstep two days before each event.  I was totally thrilled with the whole process.  After wearing each dress, I just shipped it back in the prepaid package they had sent.  Oh, and definitely sign up for the PRO (free shipping/insurance) if you plan on using the service more than once.  Its good for one year and gives you a little piece of mind.  I also rented some jewelry to go with the dresses as well.  You can see the links to the dresses below.  Also, use my special referral link to get a discount on your next rental!!

Overall, I can only sing praises for this service!   Rent The Runway has opened up thousands of options to me that I would never purchase on my own, and now I can choose a new dress for each event.  They even rent clothing for daily wear – I might be trying this soon!   Renting a dress can save time/money and headaches and you get to wear a fabulous designer dress to your special event.  Once you try it you might never buy again!

  1. Fuchsia Ruffle Halter Dress by Carmen Marc Valvo
  2. Turquoise Eva Dress by Herve Leger
  3. Calatheas Ruffle Sheath by Nicole Miller



2 thoughts on “Why you need to RENT a dress for your next big event

  1. The dresses you picked out are gorgeous! I’ve looked at this site before every big event in the past year and still haven’t tried it. Despite finding dresses that I absolutely love. I always wait too late to make a decision and then I struggle to find a department store dress. You’ve inspired me to finally try it!

    1. That’s great to hear, Brielle! I felt comfortable after reading their policies and the comments left by others in the reviews. If you don’t love your dress, they will make it right! You’ll have to let me know how it goes when you do 🙂

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